Moovers and Shakers
  All your questions are answered here: where we came up with this
crazy idea, who we are, and what our awesome plans for the future are!
  Take a boy from Gulf Shores, Alabama who misses the old soda parlor, a girl who's
obsessed with food trucks and milkshakes, stir all their hopes and dreams around,
and what do you get? Moovers and Shakers, a soda parlor on wheels!
  It started when Hayden Coleman and Ale Delgado serendipitously discovered that
they both wanted to open classic soda parlors. This idea quickly evolved into the
idea of a mobile milkshake truck roaming the streets of Nashville. They immediately
dove into writing their business plan and, after three weeks of lots of caffeine and
little sleep, they won second place in Belmont University's Business Plan Competition.
  They got their truck in August 2011, and hit the streets for three months, until the
end of October. All the while, they were spreading happiness through Nashville by
serving shakes and floats with a smile! Beginning in November, however, Moovers
and Shakers will begin the long winter period of hibernation. After the long winter,
though, they will definitely be back next spring!

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